Thursday, March 12, 2009

1561. A battery lifter/carrier:

The hole for the positive terminal is a little larger than the one for the negative terminal:

1562. A chain link fence stretcher, check out step 3 under "Installing the Chain Link" on this page to see it in use.

1563. A Civil War cannonball sizer, it was used as a gauge to determine if a cannonball was the correct diameter.

Another version of this tool, it's nine inches shorter than the larger 20" model:

1564. A leather rolling machine, patent number 1,067,164:

From O'neal Lee's collection

1565. A brace bit for hand grinding engine valves, the various pegs fit different sizes of the two holes in the top of the valves.

Another similar tool:

1566. A Walter A. Wood wrench for use on a mowing machine, the only text on it is the number 2152:

These two end parts were used to pry off a Pittman arm:

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